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VIEW V240ASAM Aile 競賽泳鏡 (鏡面/SWIPE)

定價 HK$240.00
定價 HK$240.00 售價 HK$240.00
Color: Blue/Yellow
定價 HK$240.00
定價 HK$240.00 售價 HK$240.00




  • SWIPE防起霧
  • 防UV
  • 非過敏矽膠密封圈和帶子
  • 主體與帶子之間的連接彎曲貼合面部,減少阻力
  • 圓形鼻樑設計,可調整左右側面差異
  • 全新 QSA 機構,方便調整帶子
  • 日本製造

Non-returnable due to hygiene issue

Racing goggles with cushioning to stay in place even when dipping or turning. The connection between the main unit and the strap makes it firmly attached to the face. Comes with a cushion that feels soft on the face, and is recommended for fitness. Low-profile curved lenses for wide left and right vision. Adjustable slide allows for easy strap length adjustment.


  • SWIPE Anti-fog
  • UV Cut
  • Non-allergenic Silicone Seal and Strap
  • The connection between the main body and the strap bends to fit your face and reduce resistance.
  • Rounded nosebridge fitting to adjust for left-right differences of the face.
  • The new QSA mechanism makes it easy to adjust the strap.
  • Made in Japan