By Mizuno


定價 HK$1,250.00
定價 HK$1,250.00 售價 HK$1,250.00
Color: Lime
Shoe Size: 26.5cm
SKU: J1GC211702-26.5cm
定價 HK$1,250.00
定價 HK$1,250.00 售價 HK$1,250.00

以Wave Rebellion達成你的最快跑速。為追求速度而設,同時保留緩衝性能。提升推進力,連同Mizuno Enerzy Lite所提供的緩衝力及無與倫比的回彈力。Mizuno Wave確保流暢及穩定度,而G3大底給予良好的抓地力。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE以中層鞋墊提供輕量緩衝及回彈力
  • MIZUNO WAVE從腳跟至前腳掌提昇穩定度及保持緩衝性能,同時支撐更快的步速
  • G3大底除了有良好的抓地力外,亦更有效將能量傳達地面

STACK MM: 28.5/36.5

Aim for your fastest runs ever with the new Wave Rebellion, built for speed that doesn't skimp on cushioning. Offering a boost of propulsive power, it is equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY LITE for cushioning and incredible energy return. MIZUNO WAVE guarantees smooth stability and the G3 sole delivers amazing grip.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY LITE throughout the entire midsole area for excellent cushioning and energy return at a light weight.
  • MIZUNO WAVE from the heel to the forefoot boosts stability without sacrificing cushioning and supports faster running.
  • G3 sole offers amazing grip that more efficiently transmits the power of runners to the ground.

STACK MM: 28.5/36.5