By Mizuno


定價 HK$576.00
定價 HK$960.00 售價 HK$576.00
Color: Black
Shoe Size: 28.5cm
SKU: J1GC231302-28.5cm
定價 HK$576.00
定價 HK$960.00 售價 HK$576.00


這對特別為過度內旋的跑者而設,提供出色的緩衝和支撐力。最新設計的MIZUNO WAVE 波浪片於內外都能為過度內旋的跑者提供良好的穩定性。而Smooth Stretch Woven 還增強了貼合度。而MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM於整個中底都提供良好的緩衝及能量回饋


  • MIZUNO WAVE (支撐型):波浪型的MIZUNO WAVE專為過度內旋的跑者而設。透過改善內外的波浪片形狀,有助於防止足弓塌陷並提供高穩定性。而符合人體工學的波浪片可從地面將重量平穩轉移到向前推進
  • Smooth Stret Woven是一種新型物料來提升穿著感。它可以慢慢的和橫拉伸卻不會垂直拉伸,這樣在不犧牲跑速的同時也能提昇其穿著感
  • 超過50%的鞋身合成革布料,和超過90%鞋身和鞋口襯裡的紡織物料都是可再生物料。 而波浪片則採用植物基材料和Elastollan® N製成

STACK MM: 25.0/38.5

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This shoe offers excellent cushioning and support, especially for runners with overpronation. The new shapes of the MIZUNO WAVE equipped inside and outside offer excellent stability designed for overpronation. The Smooth Stretch Woven also enhances the sift fit. The MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM throughout the thicker midsole provides excellent cushioning and energy return.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM: MIZUNO ENERZY, which provides amazing cushioning and energy return, is equippe throughout the entire midsole.
  • MIZUNO WAVE (Support Type): Wave shape designed for people with overpronation. Changing the inside and outside shapes helps stop the foot arch from collapsing and offers high stability. The anatomical plate shape follows the shape of the foot for smooth weight transfer from ground contact to prepelling forward.
  • Smooth Stretch Woven: New material for a smoother fit. It stretches slowly horizontally and vertically, providing a soft fit that doesn't sacrifice running efficiency.
  • More than 50% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather base fabric. More than 90% recycled content on upper body lining textile and sockliner lining. Plant-based Wave Plate made with Elastollan N series.

STACK MM: 25.0/38.5