By Mizuno


定價 HK$472.00
定價 HK$590.00 售價 HK$472.00
Color: White
Shoe Size: 24.0cm
SKU: 71GA242104-24.0cm
定價 HK$472.00
定價 HK$590.00 售價 HK$472.00

初級和中級球員渴望擁有Mizuno頂級型號的鞋子。這款設計靈感來自 Mizuno 標誌性的WAVE CLAW 3的鞋款。採用半靴結構,輕巧而且提供出色的貼合感。同時,人造皮革製作的側面支撐部位能夠增強在激烈比賽中的高速橫向移動能力。


  • 鞋面和鞋舌使用一片網眼布連接,以提高貼合感,同時保持輕量化。
  • 側向支撐部位 - 人造皮革材料被放置在前腳掌的外側踝部,以支撐在激烈的比賽中的橫向移動。
  • 設計與WAVE CLAW 3頂級型號關聯,讓所有渴望擁有頂級鞋款的球員感到愉悅。
  • 鞋面合成皮原布料和鞋墊襯裡的超過90%材料均為可再生物料。未染色的鞋墊襯裡材料可減少水消耗。

STACK MM: 17.5/29.5

Beginning and intermediate level players who long for Mizuno‘s top model will love this shoe that learns from the best. Its design is linked to Mizuno‘s iconic WAVE CLAW 3. The half bootie structure is light yet offers an excellent fit. The lateral support parts made from artificial leather boost lateral movements during intense play.


  • Half bootie structure- The upper and tongue are connected by a single piece of mesh to improve the fit while maintaining a light weight.
  • Lateral support parts- Artificial leather parts are placed at the outer instep of the forefoot to support lateral movements during intense footwork.
  • Design link- The design is linked to the WAVE CLAW 3 top model, which will delight all players who yearn for a top model shoe.
  • More than 90% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather base fabric and sockliner lining. Undyed sockliner lining textile for reducing water consumption.

STACK MM: 17.5/29.5