By Mizuno


定價 HK$1,040.00
定價 HK$1,040.00 售價 HK$1,040.00
Color: Black
Shoe Size: 23.0cm
SKU: J1GD246021-23.0cm
定價 HK$1,040.00
定價 HK$1,040.00 售價 HK$1,040.00

不要讓惡劣的天氣干擾您的跑步習慣。這款鞋搭載了 Mizuno 的標誌性技術和 Gore-Tex,專為致力於健康的跑者而設。中底整體採用 MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM 提供緩衝和和能量回饋,再加上 Mizuno Wave 提升穩定性。Gore-Tex能讓您的腳在惡劣天氣中保持乾燥舒適,同時X10橡膠外底具有卓越的耐用性。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM - MIZUNO ENERZY 提供卓越的緩震和能量回饋,貫穿整個中底。
  • MIZUNO WAVE - 增強跑步過程中的穩定性同時不會犧牲柔軟性。
  • X10 高耐用橡膠外底
  • Gore-Tex能在各種天氣條件下舒適地保持腳部乾燥。
  • 超過70%的鞋口和鞋身紡織物料都是可再生物料。鞋面內襯紡織物和鞋墊內襯超過90%為可再生物料。

STACK MM:30/38

Don‘t let bad weather disrupt your running routine. This shoe featuring Mizuno‘s signature technology plus Gore-Tex is optimized for runners dedicated to their health. It features MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM throughout the midsole for cushioning and energy return, plus MIZUNO WAVE for enhanced stability. The Gore-Tex will keep your feet dry and comfortable in bad weather, while the X10 rubber outsole provides excellent durability.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM- MIZUNO ENERZY offering amazing cushioning and energy return is inserted throughout the entire midsole.
  • MIZUNO WAVE- Enhances stability during running without skimping on softness.
  • X10 Highly durable rubber outsole
  • Gore-Tex Invisible fit Gore-Tex with a smooth feel around the feet keeps them comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • More than 70% recycled content on upper textile. More than 90% recycled content on upper body lining textile. More than 90% recycled content on shoelace.

STACK MM:30/38