By Mizuno


定價 HK$760.00
定價 HK$760.00 售價 HK$760.00
Color: Navy
Shoe Size: 26.0cm
SKU: J1GC244851-26.0cm
定價 HK$760.00
定價 HK$760.00 售價 HK$760.00

配備MIZUNO ENERZY讓你感受前所未有的流暢感。MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM於整個中底提供緩衝及能量回饋。雙層扇形波浪片為解決過度內旋的問題專業而設。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM於整個中底提供緩衝及能量回饋
  • 特別為防止過度內旋而設的雙層扇形波浪片,結合Mizuno Wave的緩衝及穩定度,加上鞋身波浪形的外形有別於一般平扁的設計,保護腳部避免鞋身翻側
  • 超過90%的鞋口和鞋身紡織物料都是可再生物料。同時波浪片利用植物基材料和Elastollann®N製成

STACK MM:24.0/36.5

Your runs will be smoother than ever with this shoe equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY for the first time. The MIZUNO ENERZY Foam equipped at the heel wedge offers great cushioning and energy return. The DOUBLE FAN SHAPED WAVE is designed for overpronation, and enables smooth body movement.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY Foam- MIZUNO ENERZY Foam, which provides amazing cushioning and energy return, is equipped at the heel wedge.
  • DOUBLE FAN SHAPED WAVE- The wave shape is specially designed for overpronation. Combining the signature cushioning and stability of Mizuno Wave, the shoe also has a wavy, higher inner that enables smooth body movement while preventing the foot arch from collapsing.
  • More than 90% recycled content on upper body lining textile, sockliner lining and shoelace. Plant-based Wave Plate made with Elastollan® N series.

STACK MM: 24.0/36.5