By Mizuno


定價 HK$870.00
定價 HK$870.00 售價 HK$870.00
Color: Blue
Shoe Size: 25.5cm
SKU: J1GC243051-25.5cm
定價 HK$870.00
定價 HK$870.00 售價 HK$870.00

這款鞋與 Mizuno 專有技術相結合,在您跑步旅程中更加精彩。頂部中底的 MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM 高能量回饋,以及 MIZUNO WAVE 提供的穩定性與緩震。耐用的 X10 大底採用了耐用橡膠材料,可幫助延長鞋款使用壽命。


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM - 這種材料具有高能量回饋,用於頂部中底以支援高速跑步。
  • MIZUNO WAVE - 該鞋採用波浪片設計 (前一代型號使用的是 Foam Wave)。波浪片提供穩定性和緩震。新的波浪片延伸到前足,能提供更多能量回饋,支援高速跑步。
  • X10耐用橡膠大底,具有出色的耐用性。
  • 鞋口鞋面紡織物料, 鞋帶超過90%都是利用可再生物料製成。

STACK MM:24.0/32.0

Get a boost along your running journey with this shoe that provides a connection to Mizuno‘s proprietary technology. It includes speed-boosting features such as MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM at the top midsole for high energy return and MIZUNO WAVE for both stability and cushioning. The durable X10 sole features rubber that helps prevent wear and tear.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM- This soft material providing high energy return is used in the top midsole to support speed running.
  • MIZUNO WAVE- This shoe has a Wave Plate (Foam Wave was used for the previous model). The Wave Plate offers both stability and cushioning. The new Plate extends to the forefoot for even more energy return, which supports speed running.
  • X10 sole- The outsole is made of highly wear-resistant rubber for outstanding durability.
  • More than 90% recycled content on upper body textile, upper body lining textile, sockliner lining and shoelace.

STACK MM:24.0/32.0