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定價 HK$990.00
定價 HK$990.00 售價 HK$990.00
Color: Blue
Size: 24.5cm
SKU: 71GA247301-24.5cm
定價 HK$990.00
定價 HK$990.00 售價 HK$990.00

最新的WAVE CLAW NEO 3擁有多項功能,能支持更快的腳步、更好的箭步蹲,以及更自由的移動。它採用包覆整個腳部的襪套式結構,能讓你感受到更貼合的穿著感,幫助你更快速、更有信心地移動。此外,鞋型也進行了改良,提升了舒適度,讓你可以毫不費力地堅持到每場比賽結束。前腳採用MIZUNO ENERZY NXT提供柔軟的緩衝和高能量回饋,而突起的後跟則提供支撐。


  • 雖然這款鞋延續了CLAW 3系列的更新,保有CLAW系列的地面貼合感和輕巧,但卻更加舒適、更快速和更穩定,助你在整場比賽中自在移動。
  • 更舒適 - 從CLAW 2升級到CLAW 3,這款鞋子採用了更舒適的設計,透過調整鞋口周圍的海綿的位置和厚度來幫助你舒適地、放鬆地完成比賽。
  • 貼合 - 襪套式與鞋口完美結合,包覆整個腳部,讓您感覺更貼合。採用新設計的鞋帶孔眼結構來增強中足部的支撐,適應劇烈的腳步移動。
  • 更快速 - 前腳採用了新的功能性材料MIZUNO ENERZY NXT。鞋子具有柔軟的緩衝和高能量回。(與CLAW 3同款鞋底)
  • 改進的緩衝墊 - 為了改善箭步蹲時鞋子的硬度感受,效仿了2023年秋冬款WAVE FANG 2的突出後跟結構,運用在WAVE CLAW系列上。(與CLAW3相同的鞋底)
  • 鞋面合成皮革底布的回收成分超過30%。襪套內層和鞋帶的回收成分超過90%。鞋墊中部分採用甘蔗基材料製成。

STACK MM: 16/28

This shoe is loaded with features that support faster footwork, better lunges, and freer movements. It has a foot-enveloping bootie structure for a fitted feel, which will help you move faster and with more confidence. The fit has also been improved for better comfort, helping you play effortlessly to the end of each game. The MIZUNO ENERZY NXT at the forefoot offers soft cushioning and high energy return, while the protruding heel provides support when lunging.


  • While this shoe follows the updates of the CLAW 3, with the ground feel and lightness of the CLAW series, it is more comfortable, quicker, and more secure, helping you move around the court through the end of the match.
  • More comfortable - Like the update from the CLAW 2 to CLAW 3, this shoe features a more comfortable fit through review of the position and thickness of the sponge material around the opening. It helps you play comfortably and stress-free through the end of the game.
  • An even better fit - The bootie structure is integrated with the shoe‘s opening, enveloping the entire foot for a fitted feel. The shoe also supports intense footwork by adopting a new laces eyelet structure to enhance the support of the midfoot.
  • Quicker - The new functional material MIZUNO ENERZY NXT is used at the forefoot. The shoe features soft cushioning and high energy return. (Same sole as the CLAW 3)
  • Improved cushioning for lunges - In order to improve the shoe‘s feeling of firmness during lunges, the structure of the protruding area at the heel adopted for the WAVE FANG 2 of autumn/winter 2023 has been adapted and equipped in the WAVE CLAW style. (Same sole as the CLAW3 )
  • More than 30% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather. More than 90% recycled content on sockliner lining and shoelace. Part of the midsole made with sugarcane-based material.

STACK MM: 16/28