By Mizuno


定價 HK$1,050.00
定價 HK$1,050.00 售價 HK$1,050.00
Color: Black
Shoe Size: 23.5cm
SKU: V1GA231212-23.5cm
定價 HK$1,050.00
定價 HK$1,050.00 售價 HK$1,050.00

於賽上都保持您的最佳狀態!這對鞋為您帶來前所未有的舒適度和緩衝,陪您渡過全程賽事。其中加入了MIZUNO ENERZY,以提昇緩衝和彈力,而MIZUNO WAVE於跟部提供良她的穩定度和緩衝,而最新的孔眼結構帶來最佳的穿著感,減少穿著壓力。


  • 採用MIZUNO ENERZY‘s FOAM製成,讓您感受史無前例的緩衝和彈力
  • 透過全平底、伸展鞋底和中底側壁設計, 於落地及轉身時都能提供良好的穩定性
  • Mizuno Wave 於跟部提供優良的穩定性和緩衝
  • 短靴結構包裹整個腳部, 提昇合身的穿著感
  • 最新的孔眼結構減少鞋子彎曲時的壓力,並帶來最住的穿著感

STACK MM: 21/33

Stay on your A-game from start to finish with this shoe's unprecedented comfort and cushioning. Outstanding features include MIZUNO ENERZY for enhanced cushioning and resilience, Mizuno Wave for stability and cushioning at the heel, and the new eyelet structure for optimal fit and less stress.


  • Unprecedented cushioning and resilience: The use of MIZUNO ENERZY's FOAM achieves cushioning and reselience like you've never felt before.
  • High Stability: Supports high stability when landing and turning through the fully flat sole design, outrigger sole, and midsole side wall design.
  • Mizuno Wave: Combines stability and cushioning at the heel.
  • Comfortable fit: Fit that envelops the entire foot through the bootie construction.
  • New eyelet structure: Reduction of stress when the shoe bends through the new eyelet structure. This supports your optimal fit.

STACK MM: 21/33